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X-ray of a Gastric Torsion (GDV)

We have a state of the art Digital X-Ray Machine. Digital radiographs have revolutionized veterinary radiology by increasing the speed in which x-rays can be obtained and by providing better quality images. Another advantage of Digital Radiographs is that we can easily send in our x-rays for a Board Certified Radiologist to review increasing the quality of x-ray interpretation.


Ultrasound allows us to view the internal architecture of the major organs, aids in the diagnosis of pancreatitis, intestinal foreign bodies, internal bleeding, Gall Bladder disease, cancer etc.




Telemetry allows us to continuously monitor multiple patients with an ECG when necessary. This allows us to diagnosis abnormal heart rhythms and closely monitor critical patients.


We have multiple machines to aid in the monitoring of our patients including: Pulse Oximeters, Blood Pressure Machines, ECG Monitors, Temperature Monitors, End Tital CO2 Monitors and Fluid Pumps.


We have a full range of Laboratory Equipment to test our patients blood and urine.